New in this version is a Lyrics Tool, enabling you to write lyrics in several verses with different fonts and sizes. The music scrolls along while you are typing and melismatic dashes are automatically layed out. With this tool you can write professional scores for vocal ensembles and choir or solo voices.

The note editor will now favor flat pitches when editing flat keys and sharp pitches when editing sharp pitches, for more convenient editing of notes.

Beams can now be broken or extended to nearby notes. It is also possible to extend the beam to notes in other bars.

More barline types have been added, including reprisals and dotted lines.

Display a bracket or a brace for a group of staffs.

Fixed: Dynamic symbols used to be too small in previous versions of the app and have now been enlarged a bit.


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New update available in App Store! Rachmaniac Score v 1.1

Rachmaniac Score now has a page layout mode and you can save your scores as PDF-files for distributing or printing to paper later. Choose between portrait or landscape mode in different paper sizes. The size of the notes and shapes (i.e. the zoom level of the score) can be adjusted at your convenience, aswell as paper margins.

Another new feature is that clefs can be placed in the middle of a bar, which is especially good when notating piano music where hands quickly jump between octaves.



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Rachmaniac Score now available in AppStore

Rachmaniac Score 1.0 is now released in Apple’s App Store and is ready for sale.


Rachmaniac Score is a music notation app for iPad that you can use to quickly write down musical ideas.

Rachmaniac Score comes with various clefs, keys, timesignatures and has the possibility to add articulations, expressions, crescendos/diminuendos and slurs, along with a lots of other features. Staffs can be grouped and may contain several voices. Notes can be enharmonic shifted and grouped into tuplets.

Both landscape and portrait modes are supported at your convenience. The navigation in the UI provides common gestures for instant scrolling and zooming in the score. Adjustment of most objects is made easy by dragging their various handles instantly with the finger.

Scores can be saved and loaded into the app’s local document storage and all modifying of the score can be undone using an undo-button.

Minimum requirements is iOS 7.1 (iPad2 or greater)

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